Sound Service
Sound Service
Chairworks Studios
Morrison Street
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Pro Audio Repairs
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Sound Service has been repairing electronic musical equipment since 1980.
We are currently based in Red Dog Music, Leeds  (formerly Production Room).
We understand how musicians work, and we understand how musical equipment works.
We have been there, and done that, a lot.
The Service and Repair trick is also to understand how to diagnose and fix the equipment that doesn't actually work, without charging an arm and a leg to do so.
It is also to ensure that every customer is happy with what they have paid for, so they will come back again, and recommend us to their friends.  
That's pretty much our no brainer philosophy - everybody's happy.
If a repair is not really worth carrying out, we will tell you -  your money might be better spent on something else.
If there is nothing actually wrong with the equipment, we again will tell you, and try and track down the real problem, so we can fix it for you.
If the problem is misuse of the equipment by third parties, we will try and identify the problem and advise how this can best be addressed, so this doesn't happen again.
Sound Service has been around a long time, and has spent a long time repairing the musical equipment you have that need repairing.
PA systems, keyboards, amplifiers, mixing desks, effects units, vintage synthesisers, whatever there is out there, we have repaired it.
That means we can diagnose quickly, because we have probably seen this fault many times before, and repair quickly and cheaply, because again we have repaired this same problem many times before.